About ATTN.

Hey there. I’m Brendon and I write the ATTN. letters. These letters can be described as an abbreviation of what catches my attention. Thus, ATTN. Clever, I know.

I read a lot, and I found myself sending around a lot of links to friends. It made more sense to save most of it up and write these letters. The ATTN. letters are themed around ideas and activities that have longer online lifespans. That is, these letters aren’t about “today’s news” or the latest viral video. I’m interested in management, philosophy, fitness, finance, neuroscience, parenting, adoption, operations, surfing, psychology, economics, politics, local food, cycling, cute cat pictures, and I could go on and on.

I write these letters because it’s fun. If it stops being fun, I’ll quit doing it. I’m not making a living (or even a buck) off of writing this. I just figure that the stuff I write about is interesting to me, so it’s probably interesting to other folks too. Take a look at the archived letters and see if it’s something that interests you and sign up if you like.

Subscribers get the letters when they come out, weekly at least. I’ll eventually post them here as well. Couple other notes. I’ve disabled the RSS feed on this site because that’s not how I want to distribute these letters. If you would rather not subscribe but still want to read the letters, you can either bookmark this site (ugh), or use something like ChangeDetection and point it at the Letters category page. Also, I’ve disabled commenting on the letters, since I’m trying to let letters be letters and this is just a digital shoebox where they’re stored. If you need to respond, you can reply directly in email when you receive a letter, or you can hit me up on the Contact page.

Thanks for reading!